Supplements for Building Muscle + Q&A  Raza Bashir & Brogan Morris

Supplements for Building Muscle + Q&A Raza Bashir & Brogan Morris

October 7, 2020 0 By FitnessTips

Raza Bashir, MuscleTech VP, Scientific Affairs, and MuscleTech Athlete Brogan Morris are here to teach your more about muscle-building supplements and answer your questions.
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Muscle-Building Supplements by MuscleTech

Shatter Elite:
The next evolution of pre-workout has arrived! Shatter™ Elite is engineered with everything you need in just one concentrated scoop. This formula delivers the perfect combination of key components that are clinically dosed to provide results in performance, energy and muscle.* With Ingredients like Zynamite®, betaine and beta-alanine, Shatter™ Elite will take your performance to the next level.* Plus, researched doses of N03-T® red spinach extra and pure L-citrulline will deliver sleeve-stretching pumps like you’ve never experienced before.* Shatter™ Elite will help you shatter your personal records and plateaus.

Test HD Elite:
Serious about performance and results? Then you need to incorporate and ultra-premium testosterone booster into your regimen. Test HD® Elite is designed to increase testosterone production to increase muscle building activity, while simultaneously delivering a key ingredient that is shown to reduce cortisol – a catabolic hormone that can limit size and strength.* Test HD ® Elite is formulated with a never-been-seen combination of scientifically validated ingredients. Set the benchmark for others to follow with Test HD® Elite.

Nitro Tech Elite:
For more than two decades, athletes have trusted MuscleTech to push science and human potential to their limits – and Nitro-Tech® Elite is the culmination of this ambition. This powerful formula was engineered by MuscleTech researchers to contain synergistic key ingredients shown in multiple clinical studies to help pack on more muscle, increase strength and maximize power.* It features only premium whey protein isolate for superior absorption and digestibility, easy mixing and high levels of essential branched chain amino acids.*

Amino Build Elite:
Unlike regular amino acid supplements, Amino Build® Elite is formulated with ingredients that drive peak performance – including a higher dose of BCAAs, and clinically researched doses of leucine and taurine that other amino formulas simply don’t include. Th¬is advanced formula also delivers PEAK ATP®, a scientifically researched strength and muscle builder that has been clinically shown to increase lean muscle and even support muscle pumps during your workout.

Cell Tech Elite:
Cell-Tech® has proven so effective that it has stood the test of time and become the stuff of legends among hard gainers for its ability to pack on muscle mass, size and strength. Now, the original, category-defining performance creatine formula has set a new benchmark with Cell-Tech® Elite. This next-generation formula is engineered with the most researched form of creatine – and is now packed with even more essential muscle builders, fewer carbs plus added electrolytes. It now features clinical doses of Sensoril® and PEAK ATP®, hand-picked by MuscleTech® researchers to amplify your muscle growth potential, while boosting strength and speeding up recovery time between sets.* It’s simply the most powerful muscle building formula ever developed!*
Clear Muscle:

Clear Muscle:
The future is clear. The culmination of a decade of research and over a dozen clinical studies, Clear Muscle® contains a revolutionary compound designed to increase protein synthesis and decrease muscle breakdown.* It’ll help you recover more quickly, so you can train more often. Clear Muscle® is the most advanced muscle and strength builder available for those who aren’t afraid to push limits.* It’s time to get ahead – if you knew just how effective Clear Muscle® was, this critical supplement would already be a part of your regimen.

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