Home Pull Workout w/ Resistance Bands  Abel Albonetti

Home Pull Workout w/ Resistance Bands Abel Albonetti

October 16, 2020 0 By FitnessTips

If you’re looking to maintain your back gains at home. Try this intense, resistance band focused at home pull workout from Abel Albonetti.
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Build a shirt-busting back in just 30 days with help from fitness model and Team Bodybuilding.com athlete Abel Albonetti! This gauntlet of heavy lifting will help experienced lifters build unreal shape and size while still maintaining their other training. Add 30-Day Back to your split and earn your
V-taper the hard way!

Abel Albonetti’s Home Pull Workout w/ Resistance Bands
1. Band Row: 4×15
2. Suspended Pull Up: 4×15
3. Suspended Row: 4×12
4. Band Pullover: 4×12
5. Band Good Mornings: 4×12
6. Band Rear Delt Fly: 4×15
7. Band Curl: 4×12-15
8. Seated Band Concentration Curl: 4×12-15
9. Band Hammer Curl: 4×12-15

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Resistance Band Row
02:28 – Suspended Pull-Up
04:18 – Suspended Row
04:57 – Resistance Band Pullover
06:13 – Resistance Band Good Morning
07:08 – Resistance Band Rear Delt Fly
07:55 – Resistance Band Curl
08:43 – Seated Resistance Band Concentration Curl
09:38 – Resistance Band Hammer Curl
10:11 – Final thoughts

1. Bands Help Build The Mind-Muscle Connection
By now you’ve probably heard of the mind-muscle connection and how it can benefit your workout and improve your gains. What you may not know is that the dynamic resistance of bands can make it easier to establish that connection.

The increasing resistance of a band forces you to focus at the end of the range of motion and make sure you get a good squeeze on each rep, which ultimately will help you build your mind-muscle connection. To get the most out of this technique, do your band work first in your workout to establish the mind-muscle connection early and maximize every exercise.

2. Bands Keep Constant Tension On The Target Muscle
One of the well-known benefits of bands is dynamic tension, yet many experienced lifters forget that, unlike free weights, bands also provide constant tension.

3. Bands Are Not Just For Warm-Ups
Bands are a common sight in warm-up and cool-down areas in many big box gyms, but if that’s the only time you use them, you’re not tapping your full workout potential. The constant, dynamic resistance of bands is challenging but accessible, making them adaptable to virtually any fitness level and any fitness goal. You can apply them to a variety of exercises, modalities, and training goals. You can use them to assist with difficult bodyweight movements such as pull-ups or dips and to add intensity to other foundational movements such as squats and lunges.

4. Bands Build Muscle
Resistance bands can build actual muscle. Yes, it’s true. That’s because the tension the bands place on the muscle fibers can cause the same microtears required to stimulate muscle growth that lifting weights causes.

5. Bands Combine With Free Weights For A Killer Workout
Using bands adds more resistance right at that point in the exercise when you are the strongest, matching the strength curve to make the movement more challenging throughout the range of motion. This will help you work through strength plateaus and put up bigger PRs.


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